Friday, September 21, 2007

Stuff about Aaron

Hello, my name is Aaron Budd and I from Columbus and as a freshmen at OSU, i am studying Political Science. After orientation, i decided that I was going to change my major once I truly found what i wanted to do in life.
I am also a Christian at the Laural Canyon Church of Christ. I have five brothers and five sisters that equaled a spontaneous childhood. All my life and to this day, me and my family have been close. Growing up in a Christian family, we learned to be close. We always had each others back.
I am also a person that doesn't like awkward silence and I try to break the silence with either small talk or with a joke which most of the time ends up being a stupid joke. I like to have a good time and most of the time that includes laughter. It's always better when people are laughing, preferably not at me (an example of a stupid joke).

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