Friday, September 21, 2007

My Introduction of myself

Hi my name is Savannah Helms and I'm from Columbus,Ohio. This is my hometown where I was born and raised. I lived with my mother and father on the Eastside of Columbus. I have plenty of siblings that I can't even count. However I am the first out of my brothers and sisters to attend a university. Right now I am very proud of myself to be in college and be able to meet new people and learn different things about college life this is going to be a great experience that I will always remember for the rest of life.

Another important thing about myself that nobody probably knew was I made a 4.0 while in high school and loved to get good grades and stay positive in school. Surprisingly I made the top 10 in my class and received many awards for my accomplishments. I feel so blessed to be me and I feel happy because I know I'm making my family proud.


Candace Brown said...

That is GREAT!!! Continue to follow your dreams and don't get distracted by the campus life.
Work & Play, but also know how to manage the two : )
Sounds like you know what you want out of life, stay focused and Good Luck!!!

Bri Bri said...

gone girl!!! I know dats right!! You'll go far with that positive attitude you have.