Friday, September 21, 2007

The life behind Carlos RIchardson!

Febuarary 10, 1988 i was born, i can't tell you my life as a really young boy but i can give you a mind movie of alot. I'm the oldest of four so my life has always to me been the worst because i had to set an example because of my younger siblings. In my life i seen alot of bad things, really!! alot of bad things and i never let it affect how i seen life as a whole. When you think about it most kids are most infuenced by thier surroundings and whats around them can determine how thier life was going to play out like the preview of a gangster movie where im from. So many blacks blame thier neighborhoods as the reason why thier kids dont become successful in life, but its not always the case parents these days didn't constantly be on their kids like back in the old days so kids tend to think its ok or know that they will get away with what their done.
I always was the person who did the exact opposite of what i seen because sooner or later the person had some type of consequence and i knew that i didn't want to go to jail. I started playing organized basketball when i was in the seventh grade and it wasn't my first time playing ball in my life but just on a team. Not in a boasting way but i was just a natural at the sport coaches was telling me i was ready for high school when i was in jr. high. Basketball soon became my motivator just to make it to college, basketball is what i used to blow off anger when i was upset because it made me either forget about the problem are made me realize that whatever it was that i was mad about wasn't that serious. Grades were never a problem for me in school i had brains and skills on the court when got to high school. I played basketball all year around for my high school and my summer AAU team traveling getting looked at and everything, but when i got to my Jr. year in high school i had to get a job because my mom moved to a better place and definitely couldn't spoil all of us like she use to because bills got higher, so i stopped playing ball and worked and i really loved basketball. On top of thaat i had division 1 schools looking at me like Penn. State. I could of been like any other black kid and relyed on basketball but i didn't, instead i worked and hit the books and kept and earned the scholarship i have today at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.


Naima Mohamed said...
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Nemo M said...

Motivation...thats what you need to get ahead
dont give up no matter what

Bri Bri said...

thats a nice story. So you not as crazy as you seem in person. You have value and meaning to your life, and thats such a great thing!!!