Friday, September 21, 2007

All about Cristina

Hay my name is Cristina, but most people call me crissy for short. Born and rasied in the CO (Columbus) since May of 1988. I'am a 2007 grauated of Independence High School on the east side of Columbus. I'am a first year at the Ohio State Unversity majoring in finance and debating between minioring in human resources or another form of bussiness. Some of the things I liked to do most is go to Major Woody's ( a night club in german village), watch movies one of my favorites is the Godfather, and shop to my pockets our empty( like most females).
My hopes for the future is to graudate in four years, not five and start my career within a major company in their finance department. But my long term goal is to start my own finanical firm helping companies with their own money problems.


Bri Bri said...

i still haven't been to major woodys!!

Vanna said...

I feel you on major