Friday, September 21, 2007

Mother, Sister, Poet & Friend

Mother, Sister, Poet and Friend

Nevaeh's her name, my daughter of course.

Now six years old, but acts grown she told.

First grader, gymnast, and cheerleader now,

My hands are full with this womanly child.

Were both in school, so it only gets tougher.

Now two, with homework and reading assignments.

Follow up, checking work, ensuring it's completeness.

A shower after practice, dinner, then bed.

Waking up the next day to do it over again.

My mother and father's only child for 24 years,

Now sister of 4 in just 2 years.

1Step 2 Adopted and 1 half.

It's strange, they're my daughter's age.

I'm impatient, words of my dad : )

I love to write poetry, in my spare time.

Since 11 it's been my art.

I write about love, life and struggles,

Telling many stories from the heart.

I've been best friend to 4, the last 20, 13 and past 3 years,

Ladies from Elementary & Jr. High,

One a past co-worker, great friend for such a short time.

But we've all had our problems, issues and down falls,

Yet, we remain honest, strong and stand tall.


Vanna said...

Yeah It sounds hard but you must be a strong woman and oh yeah your daughter is pretty

Nemo M said...

Wow:) You have an amazing is tough but in your poem you make it sound like its interesting....your a good role model for your doughter...keep up the hard work, and it will pay off SOON:-)!