Friday, September 21, 2007

All About Ciera

My name is Ciera Cox, i was born on December 2nd 1987. I am the oldest of three. I have a sister named Skyelar that is eighteen and a brother named Isaiah who is one. My dad's name is Wayne Cox and my Mom's name is Alesia Cox. I am also the oldest grandchild of six and I am the twentyfifth great grandchild of forty five. I was born in Cincinnati Ohio, but i live in Wyoming Ohio which is a little subrub outside of Cincinnati. During elementary school i attended Fairview German Bilangual School. I left there went to Riverside Academy, then went to Wyoming Middle School. From there i attended Wyoming High School and i graduated form that high school. My favorite color is pink and my favortie movie is Grandma's Boy!!
During school particiated in a lot of activities. I was a memeber of Brother's and Sister's United,Project Lead,Chrolae, and S.S.F.E, which stands for Social Science Field Experince. I played Varsity Soccer my tenth grade year all the way up to my senior year, and i was also on the Varsity Track & Field team ninth grade year all the way up to my senior year. I was named captain my senior year for both Soccer and Track & Field. Academic wise i was inducted into Who's Who For High School Students. This happened freshmen year all the way up to junior year. Senior year i was inducted into the National Honor Roll. Something else i'm proud of even though it has nothing to do about academics i was also PROM QUEEN!!! YAY!!!
Outside of school i have two jobs, one at Dave and Buster's and the other at Aerpostale clothing store. I was also apart of the church chior and i was also a mime at church, in other words praise dancer. I was one of the head dancer and i was also over the youth group. Now that i am in colege i look forward to meeting new people, joing lot's of clubs and just having fun. My major is Psychology and my minor is Pre-Law. I am also of the track team. I look forward to making new friends and having a great year!!!

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