Friday, September 28, 2007

about me

my name is tj powell I am from Upper Arlington ohio and played football and Lacrosse in highschoool, I love to be in the outdoors and do alot of fishing and hunting with family and friends. Now I am playing Lacrosse for ohio state and so far I have loved it. Its alot of hard work and I tired all the time so if Im fallen asleep in class that why. I am not sure what I want my major to be here yet so rigt now I am just exploring checking out my options.
I am in a family of four and I have one sister

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jesse Da Great

Hello my name is Jesse Peterson. I am a current freshman at The Ohio State University this year. I am from a nice size city in Ohio called Akron. Many of you might know of Akron from some big athlets such as Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James or former OSU running back Antonio Pittman who now playes for the St. Lewis Rams. I grew up on the west side of Akron. I attended John R. Buchtel Hight school were i was a varsity starter in too sports football, and baseball. I choose not to play collegan sports but further my education on at a great University that is why I choose OSU. Ohio State was my only choose for my furthering education since I was in he 6th grade. I live in Akron with my father whos name is also Jesse Peterson. At The Ohio State University I am majoring in the field of constuction systems managment. I choose the field of CSM because i love doing hands on work, also telling others what to do.


Stuff about Aaron

Hello, my name is Aaron Budd and I from Columbus and as a freshmen at OSU, i am studying Political Science. After orientation, i decided that I was going to change my major once I truly found what i wanted to do in life.
I am also a Christian at the Laural Canyon Church of Christ. I have five brothers and five sisters that equaled a spontaneous childhood. All my life and to this day, me and my family have been close. Growing up in a Christian family, we learned to be close. We always had each others back.
I am also a person that doesn't like awkward silence and I try to break the silence with either small talk or with a joke which most of the time ends up being a stupid joke. I like to have a good time and most of the time that includes laughter. It's always better when people are laughing, preferably not at me (an example of a stupid joke).

Briana's Introduction. (The Wonderful Me!!)

My name is Brianal I'm your above average type typical girll. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. My personality is so crazy. I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I feel unappreciated sometimes. I panic, I hope for the best. I win, I lose sometimes, I miss my family sometimes, I can be selfish, I don't look the best in the morning, i'm mean, i'm beautiful, i'm patient, im smart, im kind, and I'm beautiful. All of these things are what makes me so unique.

I'm one of those people who keeps their feelings on the inside because 20% of people don't care about your problems and the other 80% are glad you have them so there's really no point. I try to live life to the fullest without regrets. I like to keep it real. Sometimes I think before I say what I have to, while other times I simply don't. I usually just give my honest opinion, and if you don't like it then you really shouldn't have asked. I don't really care about what people think of me. I am who I am and if you can't accept that than thats just too bad. You have to take me as I am because I won't change for anyone. My family is the center of my universe. I love them to death. I pretty much love everybody but if I didn't like you you'll know it. I believe that living life to the fullest is key becasue yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, thats why its called the present!!!

Singing, and dancing are my favorite. I just love to have fun and learn new things. You can never have enough knowledge and there is always room to grow. I'm a wonderful person. Get to know me and you'll see!!!!!

The Life and Future Fame of That boy name Jermaine

My name is Jermaine Colquitt. I currently attend The Ohio State University. Everyone wants someone to remember him or her wants their time is up. The question is often asked, “ What will the world remember you by, when you are gone from this world”; I too wont the world to remember my name.
After graduating College with my bachelor’s from OSU, I plan to attend The Ohio State University Law School. I wish to become a criminal defense attorney, but this title is not enough to be remembered bye.
After becoming one of the world best criminal defense attorney’s my life plans are unsure. Maybe I will become a judge, or the next president of the United States. This may sound rash are unrealistic, but I believe that man greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Which mean I’m capable of accomplishing anything.
Finally, there are other more important ways that I wish to be remembered such as, a good father, or an excellent husband. Wither I’m famous or not I know I will be wealthy, because of how hard I work. If the world doesn’t remember me, it will be enough for my future children and wife to keep me in mind.

All about Cristina

Hay my name is Cristina, but most people call me crissy for short. Born and rasied in the CO (Columbus) since May of 1988. I'am a 2007 grauated of Independence High School on the east side of Columbus. I'am a first year at the Ohio State Unversity majoring in finance and debating between minioring in human resources or another form of bussiness. Some of the things I liked to do most is go to Major Woody's ( a night club in german village), watch movies one of my favorites is the Godfather, and shop to my pockets our empty( like most females).
My hopes for the future is to graudate in four years, not five and start my career within a major company in their finance department. But my long term goal is to start my own finanical firm helping companies with their own money problems.

About Sophia

Hi everyone, my name is Sophia Brown and I'm from Canton, Ohio. I am a only child, but very close with extended family. Although I lived in Canton, I went to to a boarding school in Willoughby, Ohio. This experience helped me have an easy transition into dorm life here at Ohio State. In high school I played basketball and softball and was manger for other sports team. In basketball, I was captain my senior year and lettered three out of my four years. I love to hang out with friends, go to sports events, watch ESPN, and do what other average young adults do. I have loved Ohio State for as long as I can remember, and I'm really excited to be here at the university and meeting new people.

Nemo's amazing Life

My name is Naima but my friends call me Nemo (not after the fish). I was originally born in Somalia but I grew up in Kenya. We moved to Kenya when I was only three years old. I used to Speak Kiswahili about eight years ago but I have completly forgotten the whole language. Later, my whole family moved to America. We first arrived in Aurora, Colorado in July of 2001. I was about 9 and half years old. As you can see I was pretty young at the time too, It took me a whole year to adjust my self in the new environment. America was totally different than Africa. September 11 was a big thing at my school, I literally had classmates who would come up to me and ask me if I was related to Osama. I confidently answered their question but eventually it became hard to answer their question knowing that my sisters and I were the Muslims in the whole school. after a year and so, we moved to Columbus, Ohio. Columbus reminded me of our hometown because we had large population of somalians in there. I went to Crestiview Middle School and after two years I went to Linden Mckinley High school for three years. Then my mom decided we should move to a quieter area so we moved to Hilliard. I graduated from Hilliard Davidson High school. I have made three precious bestfriends who I will have for the rest of my life. I love shopping, eating out, and just simply hanging out with them. My favorite color is red. I can cook, but I don't enjoy cooking. I love watching basketball, my favorite team is The Lakers. I also enjoy playing soccer. I am glad to be at OSU, and I will hopefully go to their medical school and pursue my dream of becoming pediatrician.

About Me

Hello, My name is Bryant Clark. I'm from Dayton, Ohio. I am the oldest of two kids. Im 18years old.In Dayton i graduated from Meadowdale High School.Now i am a freshman here at The Ohio State University. I am currently undecided on my major but i am leaning towards a major in either education, business,or biology. I am the first one in my family to go to college.I have alot of pressure but i also have alot of support. In my free time i like to play sports, watch television, and play video i said im a big sports fan my favorite teams are the Lakers, the Raiders and the Yankees.When i get done pusuing my carrer i want to coach a high school football team.My favorite food is pizza and my favorite dessert is old fashion cream pie.

My Introduction of myself

Hi my name is Savannah Helms and I'm from Columbus,Ohio. This is my hometown where I was born and raised. I lived with my mother and father on the Eastside of Columbus. I have plenty of siblings that I can't even count. However I am the first out of my brothers and sisters to attend a university. Right now I am very proud of myself to be in college and be able to meet new people and learn different things about college life this is going to be a great experience that I will always remember for the rest of life.

Another important thing about myself that nobody probably knew was I made a 4.0 while in high school and loved to get good grades and stay positive in school. Surprisingly I made the top 10 in my class and received many awards for my accomplishments. I feel so blessed to be me and I feel happy because I know I'm making my family proud.

All About Ciera

My name is Ciera Cox, i was born on December 2nd 1987. I am the oldest of three. I have a sister named Skyelar that is eighteen and a brother named Isaiah who is one. My dad's name is Wayne Cox and my Mom's name is Alesia Cox. I am also the oldest grandchild of six and I am the twentyfifth great grandchild of forty five. I was born in Cincinnati Ohio, but i live in Wyoming Ohio which is a little subrub outside of Cincinnati. During elementary school i attended Fairview German Bilangual School. I left there went to Riverside Academy, then went to Wyoming Middle School. From there i attended Wyoming High School and i graduated form that high school. My favorite color is pink and my favortie movie is Grandma's Boy!!
During school particiated in a lot of activities. I was a memeber of Brother's and Sister's United,Project Lead,Chrolae, and S.S.F.E, which stands for Social Science Field Experince. I played Varsity Soccer my tenth grade year all the way up to my senior year, and i was also on the Varsity Track & Field team ninth grade year all the way up to my senior year. I was named captain my senior year for both Soccer and Track & Field. Academic wise i was inducted into Who's Who For High School Students. This happened freshmen year all the way up to junior year. Senior year i was inducted into the National Honor Roll. Something else i'm proud of even though it has nothing to do about academics i was also PROM QUEEN!!! YAY!!!
Outside of school i have two jobs, one at Dave and Buster's and the other at Aerpostale clothing store. I was also apart of the church chior and i was also a mime at church, in other words praise dancer. I was one of the head dancer and i was also over the youth group. Now that i am in colege i look forward to meeting new people, joing lot's of clubs and just having fun. My major is Psychology and my minor is Pre-Law. I am also of the track team. I look forward to making new friends and having a great year!!!

The life behind Carlos RIchardson!

Febuarary 10, 1988 i was born, i can't tell you my life as a really young boy but i can give you a mind movie of alot. I'm the oldest of four so my life has always to me been the worst because i had to set an example because of my younger siblings. In my life i seen alot of bad things, really!! alot of bad things and i never let it affect how i seen life as a whole. When you think about it most kids are most infuenced by thier surroundings and whats around them can determine how thier life was going to play out like the preview of a gangster movie where im from. So many blacks blame thier neighborhoods as the reason why thier kids dont become successful in life, but its not always the case parents these days didn't constantly be on their kids like back in the old days so kids tend to think its ok or know that they will get away with what their done.
I always was the person who did the exact opposite of what i seen because sooner or later the person had some type of consequence and i knew that i didn't want to go to jail. I started playing organized basketball when i was in the seventh grade and it wasn't my first time playing ball in my life but just on a team. Not in a boasting way but i was just a natural at the sport coaches was telling me i was ready for high school when i was in jr. high. Basketball soon became my motivator just to make it to college, basketball is what i used to blow off anger when i was upset because it made me either forget about the problem are made me realize that whatever it was that i was mad about wasn't that serious. Grades were never a problem for me in school i had brains and skills on the court when got to high school. I played basketball all year around for my high school and my summer AAU team traveling getting looked at and everything, but when i got to my Jr. year in high school i had to get a job because my mom moved to a better place and definitely couldn't spoil all of us like she use to because bills got higher, so i stopped playing ball and worked and i really loved basketball. On top of thaat i had division 1 schools looking at me like Penn. State. I could of been like any other black kid and relyed on basketball but i didn't, instead i worked and hit the books and kept and earned the scholarship i have today at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.

Getting to know Terrell Embry

I was born October 26, 1988 along with my twin Terrance to William Embry and Beverly Jones in Bronx , New York. I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters. I am Dominican African American. In 1990 my dad moved us from the Bronx to Cleveland to get away from the crime. I have lived in Cleveland ever since. I love to play baskeball, football, soccer and baseball. I also like running track. I have been in the Young Scholars Program since the 6th grade. I attended Garrett Morgan Cleveland School of Science for middle school. After that I attended James Ford Rhodes High school in Cleveland. There played varsity football and basketball for 4 years. Going into my sophmore year my dad and my mom split up. So I had to start working to help out with my mom and my brothers. On May 26,2007 my little brother died in a house fire. I graduated from Rhodes HIgh School on June 7,2007. Now I am at OSU studying business.

A little about myself

Hey my name is Zufan and I was born in Columbus, Ohio. In the early 1980s, my parents immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia because of a civil war. I only have one sibling and he is older than me by 3 years. Family is very important to me because I always have them supporting me and helping me out when I need them.
In high school I was part of the basketball team, volleyball team, impact team, international club, and I was the captain of the softball team. I attended Eastmoor Academy high school all four years and I had a lot of fun.
I am excited to be a Buckeye! I am majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish. Hopefully, I can get out of school in 4 years, if not then another year will be fine, no more than 5 years. In my spare time I like to hangout with friends, go bowling, or watch a movie. At OSU I like to go wall climbing, workout, or play games down in the lobby.

defining moment essay

Essay #1

Defining Moment

Choose a moment in your life which defines your identity. First, you need to determine which of your identities you are going to write about: musician, scholar-athlete, mother, son, etc. Then, choose the moment in your life which really is the best example of when you felt this identity the strongest.

This essay will *not* have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In fact, it will have very little "narration"...instead, it will be be a *scene*. Simply start writing at the time and place when this event happened and describe it as well as possible.

Mother, Sister, Poet & Friend

Mother, Sister, Poet and Friend

Nevaeh's her name, my daughter of course.

Now six years old, but acts grown she told.

First grader, gymnast, and cheerleader now,

My hands are full with this womanly child.

Were both in school, so it only gets tougher.

Now two, with homework and reading assignments.

Follow up, checking work, ensuring it's completeness.

A shower after practice, dinner, then bed.

Waking up the next day to do it over again.

My mother and father's only child for 24 years,

Now sister of 4 in just 2 years.

1Step 2 Adopted and 1 half.

It's strange, they're my daughter's age.

I'm impatient, words of my dad : )

I love to write poetry, in my spare time.

Since 11 it's been my art.

I write about love, life and struggles,

Telling many stories from the heart.

I've been best friend to 4, the last 20, 13 and past 3 years,

Ladies from Elementary & Jr. High,

One a past co-worker, great friend for such a short time.

But we've all had our problems, issues and down falls,

Yet, we remain honest, strong and stand tall.

first blog posting

hi class: please post a self-introduction to the class. i want you to wrote at least 150 words about yourself...not just the usual stuff [hometown, high school, dorm...] but real things like your hobbies, interests, what you like to do in your free time. take your time, use a few paragraphs, and do a thoughtful job writing this!!

sincerely, bob