Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting to know Terrell Embry

I was born October 26, 1988 along with my twin Terrance to William Embry and Beverly Jones in Bronx , New York. I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters. I am Dominican African American. In 1990 my dad moved us from the Bronx to Cleveland to get away from the crime. I have lived in Cleveland ever since. I love to play baskeball, football, soccer and baseball. I also like running track. I have been in the Young Scholars Program since the 6th grade. I attended Garrett Morgan Cleveland School of Science for middle school. After that I attended James Ford Rhodes High school in Cleveland. There played varsity football and basketball for 4 years. Going into my sophmore year my dad and my mom split up. So I had to start working to help out with my mom and my brothers. On May 26,2007 my little brother died in a house fire. I graduated from Rhodes HIgh School on June 7,2007. Now I am at OSU studying business.

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Bri Bri said...

keep up the good work!! stay focused