Friday, September 21, 2007

The Life and Future Fame of That boy name Jermaine

My name is Jermaine Colquitt. I currently attend The Ohio State University. Everyone wants someone to remember him or her wants their time is up. The question is often asked, “ What will the world remember you by, when you are gone from this world”; I too wont the world to remember my name.
After graduating College with my bachelor’s from OSU, I plan to attend The Ohio State University Law School. I wish to become a criminal defense attorney, but this title is not enough to be remembered bye.
After becoming one of the world best criminal defense attorney’s my life plans are unsure. Maybe I will become a judge, or the next president of the United States. This may sound rash are unrealistic, but I believe that man greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Which mean I’m capable of accomplishing anything.
Finally, there are other more important ways that I wish to be remembered such as, a good father, or an excellent husband. Wither I’m famous or not I know I will be wealthy, because of how hard I work. If the world doesn’t remember me, it will be enough for my future children and wife to keep me in mind.


Candace Brown said...

You're not thinking of defending OJ are you?... lol

Vanna said...

Your goals are very high

Bri Bri said...

i definitely agree with your quote. We are powerful and we must believe in ourselves, because if we don't who will?? I think your goals are very realistic. Just stick with them!!